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Weight loss is often an ongoing process, especially when attempting to lose weight by yourself. By working with the team at Precision Aesthetics, patients throughout the Orlando, Florida area can lose the weight effectively and safely.

Weight Loss Q & A

What can my doctor help me lose weight?

When an individual is very overweight it increases the likelihood that they will acquire numerous health conditions including diabetes. With the assistance of a doctor, patients can lose weight in a healthy and safe way. Your Precision Aesthetics physician can help you create a nutritional program in addition to a valuable activity and exercise plan. A doctor will often know the best ways to lose weight depending on the person’s overall health, daily schedule, age, and medical conditions.

How can obesity affect my joints?

Obesity can increase the likelihood of developing arthritis. Osteoarthritis is strongly linked to obesity. This is because the more weight you put on a joint, the more stressed the joint will become and by extension the more likely it will be to wear down and become damaged. But it’s not just the extra weight on joints that’s causing damage. The fat itself also affects arthritis. The tissue is active which means it creates and releases chemicals, many of which increase inflammation. This inflammation usually takes place in the joints. Numerous other types of arthritis are also made worse or more likely when a person is overweight.

What does weight loss treatment entail?

At the office, the Precision Aesthetics team will help you decide what weight loss treatment plan works best for you. Some of the most common treatments include:

  • FDA approved medications to fight cravings
  • Nutrition and Fitness consulting to encourage lifestyle changes
  • Weight tools such as a mobile app
  • Hormone therapy to reduce caloric intake
  • Doctor support from a trained medical team
  • Medication prescribe at the site
  • Lipo/B12 injections to boost the metabolism and fat burning ability
  • Testosterone therapy to reset hormone levels

If you’re interested in learning more about your weight loss options, call Precision Aesthetics today or book an appointment online.