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The team at Precision Aesthetics in Orlando, Florida offers the Lumenis M22 IPL as one of many options to help you look and feel your best. Intense pulsed light, or IPL, is a skin treatment option that can provide impressive results without the need for surgery or recovery time. IPL can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and address hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and more. Call to find out more about the preferred cosmetic treatment for men and women, or book your appointment directly online today.


How does IPL therapy work?

IPL uses multiple laser wavelengths to generate heat and destroy the melanin, or pigment, in your skin or blood vessels. Because IPL uses a broad spectrum of light, treatments can target many different color variations.  

IPL uses special filters for specific applications, giving your aesthetician the ability to provide a customized treatment experience. These filters block wavelengths that don’t impact blood vessels or pigment, making the treatment more effective.

The targeted light damages the tissues in the treatment area, prompting your body to respond to repair that damage. The damaged tissue is flushed from your system, leaving smoother skin and reduced pigmentation or visible blood vessels.  

What type of skin issues can IPL address?

IPL is an excellent treatment option for removing areas of hyperpigmentation, or skin discoloration. Many people seek IPL photofacials to improve the appearance of age spots, which are small areas of concentrated pigment.

IPL is also an effective treatment for a condition known as telangiectasia, where tiny blood vessels just below the surface of your skin widen. Telangiectasia creates thin, colored lines that can appear red, blue, and even purple. Many people experience telangiectasias on their face, but they can also occur on your arms, legs, chest, or back.

Many people who experience IPL photofacials report improvements in their skin’s overall tone. Some show improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, even though this isn’t the primary purpose of an IPL photofacial.

Is IPL therapy a painful experience?

Most men and women find their IPL photofacial to be only minimally uncomfortable. Before the treatment begins, your provider applies a cooling gel to your skin, and you’re given dark glasses to protect your eyes.

The IPL wand is passed across the surface of your skin, directing pulses of light to the treatment area. The procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes. Once complete, your aesthetician removes the gel and applies a special moisturizer to protect your skin.

For optimal results, you may need 3-6 treatments, depending on the severity of your pigmentation or telangiectasia and your body’s response to IPL therapy. Those treatments are spaced around 30 days apart to give your body time to heal.

Expect your areas of skin discoloration to appear worse for a few days following treatment. After that point, your skin begins to peel, and you’ll start to notice the results.

To find out if IPL photofacials are right for you, contact Precision Aesthetics today.